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Tax Doesn’t Have to Be Taxing – so said the notorious HMRC advertising campaign. But if you’ve ever tried to scale the mountain that is your self-assessment tax return it probably didn’t feel that way. And as the figures show, over half of the UK’s tax receipts start out with a tax return like yours – so the self-assessment tax return is definitely here to stay.

Instead of poring over documents and googling tax law, wouldn’t you rather be doing something else? So let us take the ‘taxing’ out of your tax return with our methodical approach.

  • First, we send you a structured questionnaire at the end of the tax year to allow you to chase down all of your documents in good time.
  • We compare your records with HMRC’s view, checking and challenging as we go.
  • Then we prepare your tax calculation, taking into account any expenses and reliefs you may claim.
  • And when we’ve explained everything to your satisfaction, we’ll file your return and explain how to pay. And that’s it done for another year!

Imagine getting those wasted and stressful hours back in your life to do what you love instead? What value would you place on that?

Income tax receipts
Direct personal taxes provide over half of the UK's tax receipts.
UK taxpayers
Of the UK population of 67 million, 32 million of us pay income tax.

our approach

1. Agent Appointment

Our work is relationship-based, so we will all the arrangements to act as your registered agent with HMRC. As your registered agent, we will also be able to check and challenge HMRC’s own records of your income.

2. Income Assessment

We carry out a structured and independent review of your sources of income including employment, self-employment, property rental income and savings income, and any relevant capital gains.

3. Expenses and Reliefs

We review your position to identify any allowable expenses and reliefs that may be claimed to reduce your tax bill.

4. Complete your return

The intricacies of HRMC’s self-assessment tax return can be baffling, even to professionals. You don’t need to work it out yourself – we complete your return and calculate your tax liability for the coming year.

5. File your return

As your registered agent, we will use our integrated technology to file your return on your behalf and confirm receipt with HMRC. We keep you updated at every stage.

6. Payment Schedule

As your agent, we check any payments on account you may have made and then provide you with a clear statement of your payment deadlines. We also provide you with clear and full payment instructions.

why taxpayers choose us


We understand the challenges faced by taxpayers at all levels and we make the process as smooth as possible.

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We provide a diligent and personal service. We do not ‘pile high and sell cheap’.

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We bring the benefits of the digital age to our service. Our technology is integrated and super-secure.

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2022/23 Tax Year

Filing Deadline - 31 January 2024

2023/24 Tax Year

End of Tax Year - 5 April 2024