A game-changing update from QuickBooks...

Intuit steps up into new territory with the launch of QuickBooks Advanced 

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We work with Intuit’s QuickBooks as certified Advanced ProAdvisors because we think it is an excellent piece of accounting software for small businesses.

But Intuit have now taken this excellent and flexible piece of software and have added a suite of new functionalities which now allow QuickBooks to be stretched much closer towards the mid-range accounting software territory such as NetSuite or Workday.

The new capability of QuickBooks Advanced will extend its lifecycle within a scaling business and it is therefore a clear leading choice for start-ups and growth businesses looking to scale at low cost. 

Key features

Automatic backup and restore: All reputable cloud accounting platforms protect their clients’ data, but this is taken a step further by giving you control of your backup scheduling and adds the ability to restore to chosen previous points. This is super helpful should anything major go wrong with your integrations and updates. We trialled an early version of this before Intuit integrated it into the service offering, and it is a very useful feature.

Access for the whole team: The maximum number of active users has been increased from 5 to 25 and there can be an unlimited number of reports-only users. You can also customise user roles to limit who has access to sensitive information and transactions such as deposits, sales, expenses, inventory or reports.

Deeper insights: Upgraded customisable dashboards give you access to top-tier reporting by tracking key KPIs so you can make informed business decisions.

Workflows & processing: There are new workflows available for invoice approvals, as well as reminders for a variety of transaction types. Batch invoice processing capability has also been added.


How much is it?

The standard price at the time of writing is £70 / month (plus VAT), reflecting the step up in capability compared to the starter platform market which hovers around the £30 / month mark.


Who’s it for?

If your company is outgrowing standard QuickBooks, Xero or other similar small business accounting software, the next step up in terms of software platforms – such as NetSuite or Workday – can be quite significant in terms of complexity and price.  So QuickBooks Advanced is ideal for start-up and growth businesses that have a growing finance department and need greater control over their financial data.


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