The rise of FinTech has dramatic implications across multiple areas of business and personal life. The impact of new technology on the centuries-old traditions of banking and finance goes far beyond the walls of the financial marketplace.

From disrupting established supply chains and enabling more even capital allocation, to enabling greater financial inclusion and contributing to the growth of a borderless, digital economy, its potential should not be underestimated. Much less the opportunity.

As the shake out between traditional banks and fintech innovators rattles on, the second New Statesman Fintech Summit discusses some of the important questions that need to be answered as the global digital economy enters a new, pivotal phase.*

Meet our CEO, Jonathan Smith, at the New Statesman Fintech Summit who will be interviewed in a panel discussion: “How ERP and Integration as a Service Remove Barriers to FinTech Growth”.

If you are interested in driving profitability through innovation, check out the Summit website for more <HERE>.

* text taken from New Statesman FinTech Summit website.


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