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Lockdown 2.0 – Latest Support

Lockdown 2.0 and financial support November 2, 2020 Posted by: Aitro3 Category: Covid-19 No Comments Here we go again… You will have heard Boris Johnson mention "furlough" when he spoke on Saturday night. New “guidance” on the extension was issued straight away.  However, that guidance is far from complete, and many questions need answering before

Move Your Accounting To The Cloud

Technology is always changing. New and improved solutions are appearing on a constant basis. Cloud accounting, for one, offers so many advantages it’s a complete game changer - it makes data accessible online anytime, anywhere. There are endless numbers of cloud-based tools that help with many different aspects of your business, not just finances. They’re

QuickBooks – Cryptio Integration Launched!

October 6, 2020 Posted by: Aitro3 Category: Digital Assets, QuickBooks Online No Comments Integrate Your Digital Asset Holdings with QuickBooks Online We are really excited to see that cryptio ( has just launched an integration with our preferred small business accounting platform, QuickBooks Online. Cryptio is building an accounting bridge between fiat and digital currency

QuickBooks – Getting Started!

September 24, 2020 Posted by: Aitro3 Category: QuickBooks Online No Comments Getting you started on QuickBooks At Aiteo, we can deliver the benefits of the digital age directly into the financial operations of your business. For new startups and small businesses, we recommend Intuit's QuickBooks Online - an extremely powerful, easy-to-use accounting system that can

Kent Business Startup Links

September 8, 2020 Posted by: Aitro3 Category: Business Programmes No Comments Kent business startup links Bookmark this page for up-to-date links to help for businesses looking to start up in Kent. Links provided do not constitute endorsements - in all cases, caveat emptor applies! Business GroupsLearningFinancingNetworkingOffice SpaceBusiness Groups Helping smaller businesses achieve their ambitions. 👉

Scaling Your Business And Overcoming Pain Points

September 3, 2020 Posted by: Aitro3 Category: Practice News No Comments In Conversation: Aiteo Consulting and BrightBridge Solutions Our CEO, Jonathan Smith, recently sat down with Ian Robertson of Brightbridge Solutions to discuss how their experiences of deploying Finance services and technology can help FinTechs overcome some key pain points when scaling up. Jonathan identified

Business COVID Recovery Grant – September 2020

September 2, 2020 Posted by: Aitro3 Category: Business Programmes No Comments Are you looking for more funding for your business to help work your way out of the Covid crisis? Good news! The Government has announced new funding to support businesses in their COVID-19 recovery. Funding will be awarded to local businesses as small 100%

Small Business Leadership Programme for SMEs

August 25, 2020 Posted by: Aitro3 Category: Business Programmes No Comments A newly launched Small Business Leadership Programme supports senior leaders of SMEs to enhance their business’s resilience and recovery from the impact of COVID-19, and develop its potential for future growth and productivity. Businesses in Kent and Maidstone can take advantage of this fully

A new face at Aiteo….

August 24, 2020 Posted by: Aitro3 Category: Practice News No Comments Naomi Smith has joined us part-time as practice manager and company secretary. This follows a successful career (still 'work in progress', apparently!) of bringing up three daughters. Naomi has an MSc in Economic History from the London School of Economics and a BSc from

New Statesman FinTech Summit – Removing Barriers to Growth – 2. Implementing an Accounting System

November 12, 2019 Posted by: Aitro3 Category: Accounting Software No Comments We attended the 2019 New Statesman FinTech Summit and our CEO, Jonathan Smith, participated in a panel with Brightbridge Solutions and Jitterbit where we discussed the topic “How To Remove Barriers To FinTech Growth”. In this second video, Jonathan explains some important considerations for